Fast ACH Processing For Low Risk

Set-up single or recurring transactions. Use ACH to disburse and collect funds.


Take ACH Checks By Phone, Online, in Person

Our system doesn't stop at credit cards! Do more with ACH Check processing.

* Merchant+ with ACH and credit cards requires 620+ credit and full underwriting..

Take ACH and Credit Cards payments!

Our Merchant+ bundle comes with all the bells and whistles to take ACH checks and credit cards!


Payment gateway included FREE

Our most advanced payment gateway is what all the payment info flows through and is included FREE!

Collect and disburse funds

Use ACH checks for payroll, customer payments, subscriptions and more.


ACH & Credit Cards For Low Risk Only*

High risk merchants should only apply for our Simple Electronic Check Solution.

$24.95 a month

-- ACH --
25¢ per transaction
-- Credit Cards --

1.79% swiped qualified

2.15% keyed qualified

& 25¢ per transaction
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Accept all card types


ACH Recurring Billing

Take the hassle out of your routine each day by putting billing on auto-pilot. Set-up a schedule to automatically collect and/or dispurse funds and streamline your billing opertations. Recurring billing has never been easier with ACH Checks.


Included with Merchant+

Get ACH & Credit Cards Now!




ACH / Credit Card Mobile Solution

We have included our ACH processing in our mobile solution! Take payments of all types on-the-go and keep business running. Top Rated ACH and Credit Card Solution!


  • The freedom to take payments anywhere
  • Accept credit cards
  • Accept eChecks
  • Real-time reporting in cloud
  • Rugged reliable card reader
  • Top Rated security

Included in Merchant+


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