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Electronic Payment Services has become a leader in providing payment processing solutions.Since 1998 we have helped nearly every type and every size business with their payment processing needs.Today’s customers require. speed security.and reliabilty in their payment platforms and they want to accomplish this at the best rates possible.Whether you need a stand-alone solution or you are processing in all 50 state we can create a solution thats just right for your company.

High Risk Electronic Check Option

With our electronic check option known as the simple
program we now can serve high risk customers or customers that have been turned down for ACH for one reason or another with a great alternative.This program has proven to be one of our most popular over the years.

Live Customer Support

In today ‘s world customer service seems to be something that is an after thought but not with us.When you have questions or needs we want to put you in touch with a live person that can help solve any of your needs.By having a wide range of support staff we know we have some of the best customer service in the industry.

Our Top Rated Systems

We offer one of the most popular solutions for payment processing in the country.Call our sales team today for a demo of the system that is currently helping companies of all sizes nationwide.

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