Re-seller Program - Simple

Turn DECLINE & NEW HIGH RISK Payment processing Application into Cash. If you have customer in need of payment processing that can’t get it elsewhere we can help and pay you for it.

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Electronic Check Relling Program

Electronic payment service specializes in providing “Payment Processing Services” where others can’t. We provide check-by-phone services for high-risk clients and hard to place clents that cannot get approved anywhere else or have been rejected by traditional ACH processors. Our process allows us to service 98% of all legal entities operating in the U.S. or overseas . become a reseller of our “Simple” program (Merchant + not avai;lable to resellers).

Residual Revenue

Get paid monthly* for all referred processing clients. Get paid every month for the processing life of the customer as long as there is activity!

Build aa significant revenue stream quickly

Build a substantial monthly revenue quickly . We routinely approve 90% of all legal high risk clients and hard to place clents for Electronic Checks.

Stop rejecting good (bad) clents!

Turn your decliend payment processing applications into cash. No work just collect payments!

*Payments timing an vary based on customer processing

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